Success is Dead; Long Live Success!

If you’ve watched any TV in the last few years, you are almost certainly familiar with the four fellas above; they’re the “Pawn Stars.”  By all accounts, they’re extremely successful.  Since their show began airing, they have expanded their showroom, went from 100 to over 1,000 customers a day, and hired 30 more staff members in order to handle those customers.

The cast of the show recently signed a 4 year, [Read More…]

Partners – Do They Help or Hurt Success?

Partners Gettin' It On...Puzzle Style.

Is it just me or is there something Freudian about this image?

Common wisdom tells us that when we want to achieve something we should tell someone or take on a partner in our own success to make ourselves accountable, but does that really help, or could it actually be doing more harm than good?

An article in the July/August 2011 issue of Scientific American examines studies that seem [Read More…]

Turning your Failure into Success

That's not how you make a grilled cheese.

Failure…it happens to the best of us.

While talking with a friend today about a goal of his, I was reminded that if we’re going to talk about success, we inevitably have to talk about failure too.

…I know, it’s not a pretty subject, and it’s never fun to dwell on our failures, but maybe we should.

With the popularity of sites such as Failblog and [Read More…]

The Road to Success Step One: Recognize Your Fears

Ferocious Wolf

If this is what you're afraid of, you have bigger problems than success

When it comes to accomplishing goals, most people will find themselves crippled by their fears.  These fears come in a variety of forms, whether it be the fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of the unknown, or even the seemingly counterintuitive fear of success, we all face these deep-seated fears every time we try to [Read More…]

Defining Success (or Why not to Drink Lite Beer)

Lite Beer Neon Sign

These days it’s all too common to see supposed motivational gurus stress the individuality of personal successes.  They like to wax poetic on how “only you can say whether you have truly succeeded or failed.”  I’d just like to say that is complete bull.

Of course they’re not going to tell you whether you succeeded or failed – if they did, it would force them to be accountable [Read More…]