I Apologize for my Stupid Face

I’d like to start with a confession: My name isn’t really Nick Fox, it’s Deemis.  That feels good to get off my chest, but more on that later because this post is about my stupid face.

…but not just my stupid face.  In fact, this is about your stupid face, your mother’s stupid face, and the stupid face of that creepy guy at the local coffee shop.

You know how we all have those things about us that people notice?  If you’re [Read More…]

What a $30 Billion Company Taught me About Email

As some of you might know, I spent some time working in NYC finance at a Fortune 100 firm.  Looking back, some of the best lessons I STILL pass along to clients today come from my time working there.

Working at a large firm like that has a way of teaching you things whether you like it or not.  The sheer volume of work ensures that.  Everything is magnified.  In most jobs, your ledgers might be off by a few hundred [Read More…]

A Tale of Two Clients

In working with my private career coaching clients, I’ve come across – what amounts to – every single personality type imaginable.  From those who can’t live without working and will take any job that comes their way, to those who really don’t want to work and just want to get a job so that their bills get taken care of.  Each of these ways of thinking has its unique strengths and weaknesses. For instance, those who will take any job [Read More…]

How to get a Raise at Work

We’ve all thought it: “If only I could just get a raise!”

Raises are held out as some elusive gift bequeathed to you by the benign-but-irrational gods of the office.  You sit there watching yourself get passed over for raises by people you know do less than you.  Perhaps you’ve even asked your boss for a raise and was told it wasn’t “the right time” or even the dreaded, “Everyone is paid the same amount based on seniority/title/tea leaves/etc.”

BULLSHIT!  People are [Read More…]

What Success REALLY Means…

It’s not money or fame or anything…it’s value.

In coaching people through their careers I find that they often present their problems in very black and white terms.  Either they get the job at the company they want, or they don’t; either they get paid what they were asking or they don’t.  The real world is rarely so stark, and neither is success.

I felt this was an important topic to cover up front, now that Success Hacking is alive and kicking [Read More…]

Mind the Gap (I’m Back)

Howdy, Success Hackers, I’m Nick Fox and I am bringing this site back from the dead!

In examining why I stopped posting here, you’ll also see why I have begun again, and why this time around, this site is going to bring you so much more when it comes to designing your dream life.

Two years ago, when I last posted here, I had just left my job in NYC finance, moved, and started working for myself.  I was looking for more [Read More…]