If the giant image of my face above didn’t give you a hint, I’m Nick Fox, the founder of Success Hacking, and if you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I get my dream job?”
  • “How do I convince my boss to give me a raise?”
  • “How can I make more money?”
  • “How can I quit my job and start a business?”
  • “How do I achieve my goals?”

Or if you’ve ever simply thought “I need to stop waiting and start making things happen for myself…

…Success Hacking is the place for you!

Here’s how Success Hacking can Help you Design your Dream Life

If you’ve ever watched someone else succeed and thought, “They’re not smarter than me, why do THEY have all the luck?!”  I’m here to show you why luck has nothing to do with it.


Here’s the skinny:

People who attribute success to luck are missing the big picture.  There are systems and psychological strategies that the most successful people use to get where they are, and I’m here to show you how YOU TOO can learn them and use them in your own life.

If you’re sick of waiting to kick your life into high gear, wondering where you’ll find the time or energy to make things happen for yourself, wonder no more.

I’m well caffeinated, well read, and ready to help you use those skills to cut down the roadblocks that are keeping you from succeeding in work and in your goals in general.

…subscribe to Success Hacking today to get even more in-depth psychological tactics, frameworks, and research to help to find a job, start a business, get more free time, and live your dream life NOW.

And the best part? I’ll be sharing things you won’t get anywhere else.  While everyone else is frantically reading the same, useless advice (Set up a budget, update your résumé, make a vision board…BLECH!)

I’ve always had a talent for simplifying complex systems and turning them into EASILY ACTIONABLE STEPS and now I’m using those skills to help you.

About Nick Fox

Having been called “The Success Ninja,” “The James Bond of Jobs,” and “Most likely to succeed,” by his mother, it’s no surprise that Nick Fox isn’t your normal career and business consultant…and that’s a good thing!  Where traditional coaches tell you to update your résumé or to chant a mantra while in your power pose, Nick thrives on cutting out the fluff and offering real, proven techniques and strategies to help everyone achieve BIG things in their careers.  Whether that’s landing a job without having connections, getting promoted with just the power of your voice, or learning to negotiate ANYTHING, Nick wants to give every person with the desire to succeed the power to create the big wins they deserve.

Coming from the high stress world of New York City finance and as a former operations guy at a consumer goods start-up, Nick is used to producing results under pressure and it shows.  Nearly 86% of his clients succeed in hitting their career goals within just 6 months of starting…could YOU be his next success story?