Ask a Career Coach #1 Replay

A few weeks back I tried something new, I did a 1-Hour long, live Q&A online where I took YOUR burning career questions.

For those who missed it, I’ve embedded it above so you can check it out and see what I have to say about everything from Internships to Promotions and more.

I’ll be doing more of these in the future, so feel free to submit any business or career questions you [Read More…]

How to get a Raise at Work

We’ve all thought it: “If only I could just get a raise!”

Raises are held out as some elusive gift bequeathed to you by the benign-but-irrational gods of the office.  You sit there watching yourself get passed over for raises by people you know do less than you.  Perhaps you’ve even asked your boss for a raise and was told it wasn’t “the right time” or even the dreaded, “Everyone is paid the same amount based on seniority/title/tea leaves/etc.”

BULLSHIT!  People are [Read More…]

Mind the Gap (I’m Back)

Howdy, Success Hackers, I’m Nick Fox and I am bringing this site back from the dead!

In examining why I stopped posting here, you’ll also see why I have begun again, and why this time around, this site is going to bring you so much more when it comes to designing your dream life.

Two years ago, when I last posted here, I had just left my job in NYC finance, moved, and started working for myself.  I was looking for more [Read More…]