Mind the Gap (I’m Back)

Howdy, Success Hackers, I’m Nick Fox and I am bringing this site back from the dead!

In examining why I stopped posting here, you’ll also see why I have begun again, and why this time around, this site is going to bring you so much more when it comes to designing your dream life.

Two years ago, when I last posted here, I had just left my job in NYC finance, moved, and started working for myself.  I was looking for more success in my own life.  Each of us has our own definitions of what it would take to live our dreams.  For some that involves a white picket fence and a two-car garage, for others that would mean being the richest person in the world.  For me, success and living my dream life is about success, autonomy, and – most importantly – helping other people reach their dreams.

Two years ago, I left the world of finance and began privately coaching people in their careers.  Some of my students were out of work. (One having been out for 5 years!)  Other students were simply looking for something more, something indescribable in their careers that they hadn’t yet found.  Over the last two years I have focused on helping them, and have developed methods and philosophies of success I could have never imagined back when I first started this site.

Back then, I split hairs about whether I was an “expert” or a “hacker,” now I have no hesitation in calling myself either.  After getting client after client to places where they were living their dream life, I know that I am not simply yet another so-called expert who is just going to give you the standard line that experts are supposed to give.  I’m not going to tell you simply to “follow your passion” or to “find work that satisfies you and wait for the money to follow.”  Over the last 2 years I tested ways to help you avoid that B.S. and start designing your dream life now!

Along the way, I also learned plenty about the true meaning of success and developed systems and strategies to help my students achieve great things.  This is only the first post back, but you this is essentially an entirely new site, with a brand new focus and philosophy, and I’m going to share what I’ve learned…and more importantly what I’ve taught to all of you.

So I hope you’re ready to stop making excuses and start living the life you want, because what I have planned to share with you in the coming months is BIG!

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