The Road to Success Step Three: Become Your Own Expert

It’s happened to all of us, we get so enamored with our idea for a great new product or goal or service, that we just go for it without a second thought.

We tell our friends, “I’m going to make a million dollars, because if I just sell to one out of every thousand people in China with a one dollar markup…” but we never stop to actually step back and see if our idea is supported by reality – will [Read More…]

The Road to Success Step Two: Break Down Your Goals

So you want to have your own business…or you want to have a million dollars…or you want to have a girlfriend…

Okay, so why don’t you have those things?

I blame it all on a phenomenon I call Goal Blindness.  Goal Blindness is that experience of being so singularly focused on the end result that you forget to actually start working towards it.  Most people get frustrated, and then just give up.

How many of you know someone who is constantly talking about [Read More…]