I Apologize for my Stupid Face

I’d like to start with a confession: My name isn’t really Nick Fox, it’s Deemis.  That feels good to get off my chest, but more on that later because this post is about my stupid face.

…but not just my stupid face.  In fact, this is about your stupid face, your mother’s stupid face, and the stupid face of that creepy guy at the local coffee shop.

You know how we all have those things about us that people notice?  If you’re [Read More…]

How Creativity Works (Flowchart)

So, you say you don’t have any ideas?  Need a little help being creative?  Having writer’s block?  Here’s a flowchart to help you out:

What?  That didn’t help?  Well, that’s how most people approach creativity.  It’s no wonder that most people suck at coming up with ideas for businesses, goals and ways of achieving those goals.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be laying out some brand new ways for you to approach creativity [Read More…]