What Shia LaBeouf can Teach You About Your Dream Job


If you haven’t seen the absolutely insane viral video of Shia LaBeouf standing in front of a green screen shouting at you to “Just do it!” like some coked-out Nike spokesperson, this article isn’t going to make a lot of sense, so I recommend you go watch it now.

Click here to see the video…DO IT!

Okay, now that we’re on the same page, let’s begin…

In my first “real” job, as a financial analyst, I [Read More…]

Prove Yourself Wrong

I’d like to talk to you about a dirty word today.  It’s four-letters long, begins with C and ends in NT, and has a vowel in between.  That word, of course, is “Can’t!”

How many times do you say that stupid, little word every day?  How many times do you stop yourself from doing something just because you “can’t?”

It’s a cliché to say “‘can’t’ really just means ‘won’t’” when we hear someone else say they can’t do something (especially when it’s something we [Read More…]

The Myth of the Overnight Success

"Oh, yeah! Success!"

We’ve all had those thoughts, those “Why not me” thoughts, those, “If only I had come up with that idea instead of him” thoughts.

They start innocently enough, we see an interview with Mark Zuckerberg talking about how many users Facebook has or hear about Richard Branson taking Virgin across the UK in a matter of months…both before their 30th birthdays.  You feel like you missed the boat, you [Read More…]

Success is Dead; Long Live Success!

If you’ve watched any TV in the last few years, you are almost certainly familiar with the four fellas above; they’re the “Pawn Stars.”  By all accounts, they’re extremely successful.  Since their show began airing, they have expanded their showroom, went from 100 to over 1,000 customers a day, and hired 30 more staff members in order to handle those customers.

The cast of the show recently signed a 4 year, [Read More…]

How Creativity Works (Flowchart)

So, you say you don’t have any ideas?  Need a little help being creative?  Having writer’s block?  Here’s a flowchart to help you out:

What?  That didn’t help?  Well, that’s how most people approach creativity.  It’s no wonder that most people suck at coming up with ideas for businesses, goals and ways of achieving those goals.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be laying out some brand new ways for you to approach creativity [Read More…]

The Entropy of Excitement (Finding your Radioactive Ideas)

Seth Godin wrote a blog post yesterday about the half-life of a book’s sales cycle.  And it got me thinking.

I think we would all acknowledge that nothing can top the excitement that surrounds a brand new venture or goal, but what happens as time goes on?  Can our excitement towards our goals be described in terms of a “rate of decay?”

I say yes, and I believe that some of the same rules governing scientific rates of decay can be applied [Read More…]