Success Isn’t Sexy (Or the “Restaurant Myth”)

If I asked you why you wanted to succeed, what would you say? Would it be because of some innate desire to prove yourself? Or possibly because you want to achieve a childhood dream?

What about because you think it will be sexy?

Before you jump all over my wording, imagine your ideal world AFTER you succeed.  Is it a world surrounded by dinners with well connected people, a $500k sports car in the driveway, and a former supermodel wife?

Now, obviously these [Read More…]

Turning your Failure into Success

That's not how you make a grilled cheese.

Failure…it happens to the best of us.

While talking with a friend today about a goal of his, I was reminded that if we’re going to talk about success, we inevitably have to talk about failure too.

…I know, it’s not a pretty subject, and it’s never fun to dwell on our failures, but maybe we should.

With the popularity of sites such as Failblog and [Read More…]