The Tao of Shake Shack

Check out the following video featuring a speech by Randy Garutti, the COO of the cult-like burger joint Shake Shack, talking about his business, and more importantly his passion.  Listen closely and you’ll hear many of the lessons I preach here: focus on goals rather than abject success, do what you do best, simplicity, and making goals that matter to you in order to make yourself more accountable to achieving success.

It’s a really interesting speech with a lot in it that we can all learn about how to set goals, and how best to carry them out.  It may seem weird to be find philosophy in a burger bar, but to anyone who has ever been to a Shake Shack, you know that everything he says is true. This video provides an incredible insight into how a couple guys convinced us all to wait 90 minutes for a burger…AND LIKE IT!

Watch it and take notes.

Randy Garutti (Shake Shack) at Gel 2010 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.


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