Make this the Year you Kick your Own Ass



Here it is, the gratuitous New Years post.  You all knew it was coming.  However, this post is not about meaningless resolutions.  This is not about saying you’re going to do something and forgetting about it next week.  This is about creating real, meaningful change in your life.

That’s part of the reason I waited until a week after New Years to make this post.  By now, gone are the social pressures to change, gone are the people asking “What are your resolutions for this year?”  All that remains are your goals and you.

It’s amazing how quickly people can forget about or even ignore their resolutions.  I’m sure you all know a handful of people who have already backed away from their diet plans for the new year, claiming they’d start next week.  But why is this?

Because they don’t really want the things they resolve to do.  In short, New Years resolutions are pointless.

Think about that for a second.  The one time when everyone says they’re going to change, is the time when everyone is least likely to succeed.  I’ve covered this briefly in my article about The Entropy of Excitement.  In it, I explain why you’re less likely to achieve goals that start with extremely high excitement.  In essence, you get burnt out to fast.

So, when everyone is pushing you to do something, building up your expectations and excitement for change, that excitement will fade proportionally faster.

I’ve been working on tons of brand new material to help you overcome these obstacles.  And I’ll be releasing it all, for free, over the coming months.  There is only one thing that you have to do: work!  It’s easy to get swept up in the emotion and energy of a new project.  Learn to recognize those moments, step back, and give yourself a swift kick in the ass.

I don’t want you to pay me lip service, telling me “Oh this is exactly what I need to hear,” I want you to go out and make real change for yourself this year.  If that’s losing weight, awesome.  If it’s starting a business, great! (There will be a lot of material for you folks this year) And if it’s about finally finding the job you’ve always wanted, that’s great!  I’ll be showing you how to identify and hack the systems that make all these things possible, so that you can make them work for you.

So, now that everyone has sobered up and taken their rose colored New Years glasses off, what do you really want to do this year?

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